What shall I do next

Well in a few weeks I will be out of a job. I have been working full time for years. I am just wondering what to do with the rest of my life.

There are no jobs in commutable distance that I am either qualilfied to do or have a hope in hell of getting at the moment. 100 people applied for one position in admin where I work and they were all capable well qualified people. I am nearly 50 and not attractive my chances are not that great. In addition I am very well educated so it frightens peopls and makes them wary. So I had better get used to working for myself or not working for a while.

So let me make a list of what the positives are so I can look forward to this time.

So here are my musings what do I like doing well I will have time to clean the house and cook proper meals from scratch  and we won’t have to spend all weekend shopping and doing washing as I can do it during the week.  

I will have time to bake my own bread something I used to love doing.

I will have time to sit in the park in the sunshine and read a book

I could sit at the castle eating an ice cream

I could visit an art gallery

I will have time to go to the library.

I will have time to sew and knit.

I will have time to make sloe gin and jam and chutneys and elderflower cordial.

I would like to go walking more but I am a bit wary of going out into the countryside on my own. If I lived somewhere posher it might not be  such a worry but on the edge of a huge town there are a lot of  undesirable people about and it can be unsafe or at least rather scary.

Perhaps I could join a walking group. I want to keep my subscrition to the leisure centre up for a pound a day I get to swim several times a week and I love swimming.

I can practice my music and really get to grips with the Bach two part inventions.

I could volunteer and put something back into society.

I could start my own business or work from home.

I can really look after my garden I will have time to do a bit every day not just the emergency stuff once a week.

I could get an allotment.

I could make quilts which I absolutely love.

I can concentrate on losing some weight and doing more exercise.

I could learn a new language

I could learn to live more sustainably, do more for myself and save money and help to sustain the planet.

I could visit the city farm I have always wanted to go there.

I could write a book

I could learn to be a real botanist rather than a plant scientist.

I could visit all the trust nature reserves

I could write my blog regularly and make it interesting.

Thats all for now lets see what other things I can come up with. What will I miss.

The salary, the chance to use my brain and education, the company, the banter, the feeling that I am part of society and am contributing to the family and society.

How can I minimise those negatives? I need to give this some thought