Female blackcap overwintering

In the winter we increase the food supply of the birds that visit out garden. We supply fat balls, a fat block niger seed, wild bird seed and a robin mix for insect eating birds. In addition to this any apples that go soft are put out for the birds.

Woodpigeons feed on the path and collared doves come to feed on the lawn. Blackbirds feed on the bird table and every morning a group of starlings feed on the robin mix. Goldfinches scatter the niger seed and a group of up to 10 sparrows feast on the bird seed and fat balls all day. Great tits and blue tits enjoy the fat blocks. However the star bird on the 7th January was an overwintering female blackcap on the garden path feeding on the robin mix alongside a dunnock and a robin. We were thrilled to see it and have seen it several times since we keep the food well topped up in case it drops in.


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