A wet day in Norfolk

We woke to the sound of the wind driving rain against the windows. Although some birders are brave enough to venture out in such conditions I find getting cold and wet unpleasant and I find my optics don’t work well in heavy rain. After a disasterous day on South Stacks some years back, the details of which I have tried to block out of my memory I try to avoid seriously bad weather. Anyway several games of scrabble and cards later, we decided we needed a bit of a drive and some fresh air so we went for a drive to Wolferton triangle which is next to Dersingham Bog. We Drove round in a desultory fashion looking for Golden Phesant which we had seen there before but not for a few years. We found a field near Friar Marcus Stud where there were a number of birds a couple of Grey Partridge another species I had not seen this year, Phesants, a Golden Plover in summer plummage and about 30 each of Fieldfare and Redwings. A male Ring Ouzel was hopping amongst them as were any number of rabbits. Two in two days is rather special.  In the trees we found a Roe Deer. We called in to be blown along the beach at Hunstanton the redeeming features were Fulmars on their nest and sanderling along the beach and a hare we spotted running through a field.

Still another species for the year and 25 species of bird seen total 137


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