Spring bulbs and a walk in the park

Today was a very foggy day the mist didn’t clear until lunchtime. We couldn’t see across the valley from the bedrooms. I love the dislocation that comes from fog the way that sounds are dissociated from their origin and the restricted vision that caused objects and people to loom out of the mist close at hand like a Dr Who villain.

So with this in mind we went to the park for a walk. I took great delight in the Autumn colours. anthocyanins and carotins are spendid. There were enough leaves to kick through like a child.

We saw most of the urban ducks we would expect in a park. Mallard, Tufteds, Pochard, Wigeon, Shovelers and lots of Gadwell. Moorhens, coot and blackheaded gulls were abundant. In the trees flocks of mixed tits Blue, Great and Long Tiled movedr though with flocks of Finches Goldfinches and Cheffinches. at one point a Nuthatch appeared and jackdaws had obviously opted for a lie in as they were still everywhere instead of dispersing as they normally do at first light.
We found a wounded fallow deer stag one eye closed, its muzzle swollen and a truly weary expression on its face. We gave it a wide berth as we hoped it would recover. I suspect it had been rutting and been wounded in a battle with another stag.
As we arrived home the mist finally dispersed and we had a lovely sunny warm autumn day. I indulged myself in one of my favourite pastimes at this time of the year, I plant spring bulbs. Something about small bulb shoots emerging in early spring gives me such a happy feeling as it spring is on the way and the world is still working. We now have numerous tubs containing Red Riding Hood tulips, Daffodils, bulb irises and Muscari.
a lovely Sunday and worth remembering hence this entry.


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