Bempton Cliffs

Just to let you know about out latest trips to go birdwatching.

2015-05-23 13.36.54

We started the bank holiday with a trip to Bempton  Cliffs. The weather was sunny but a stiff onshore breeze ensured that we were not overly warm.

We arrived late morning and walked across the cliffs.

2015-05-23 16.13.27

Guillimots and razorbills were nesting but as yet no chicks were visible.


2015-05-23 13.42.44


The kittiwakes were also nesting and flocks of birds would settle on the grass at the top of the cliff to pull out beakfuls of grass ready to line their nests.


The cliffs were covered in pink campion.

2015-05-23 13.36.46

We found four corn buntings as we walked along the cliff edge.  Definitely evidence that this species is doing well at this site.


We returned to the car for lunch and then went for a walk in the other direction. The gannets were pair bonding, their behaviour was very touching although I realise I am anthropomorphising .


There were more puffins that previous years so hopefully these will be more plentiful than in previous years.


Unfortunately my mobile needed charging so I had to use my tablet to take photos.

They have a thriving number of tree sparrows and the new visitors centre is really lovely.

tree sparrow

Anyway I added kittiwake, razorbill, guillemot, gannet and puffin to my  list for this year.

We had to take the long way home as the M1 was closed southbound for road works.


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