A day on the Romeny, Hythe and Dymchurch railway.

We decided to forgo a visit to Folkestone and instead spent the day travelling the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch railway.


Being married to my favourite geek he was in seventh heaven. we spent considerable time in the museum. We then photographed the trains.







We watched the engines on the turntables  and photographed those.

The tracks are very narrow and it seems as if they are barely wide enough to accommodate the train. However apart from some jolts and noise it was a very smooth ride. We then photographed the tracks and the various carriages.  It was a rather windy day and Mr Geek lost his new hat owing to a particularly severe gust, we were travelling in an open carriage at the time.

at the museum there was a train in camouflage that had been used during the war.


We visited the model railway museum where Mr Geek was in heaven. Whilst enjoying the trains, I confess I was rather bored with the models, although judging from the numbers of children and their parents in the museum I was in a minority. Still I read a book in the corner whilst Mr Geek indulged his passion for all things mechanical.

We explored the sands at Romney Sands and saw our first waders feeding. I have to admit that this is the first ‘seaside ‘ resort where we haven’t seen many birds except the ubiquitous Herring Gulls. I found it disconcerting.


We found some lovely plants and invertebrates at Dungeness, despite its bleak appearance it was full of plants and invertebrates. We also found a lovely pub that did spectacular fish and chips. In spite of being in the middle of nowhere this establishment was packed. This usually indicates it is a good place to eat and has a reputation. It did a spectacular lemon drizzle cake. So fortified we had a long walk before returning for the return journey on the train. When we returned to the hotel we had walked seven miles.

Hope you like the photos



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