Hi Lads,

This weekend has been quite quiet with the rain on Saturday, not to mention being busy today and so as I have very little news for you I thought I would tell you a modern day morality tale.

I first saw Phil last winter. He appeared outside the door one morning and I could see immediately that he was hungry. It was bitterly cold and wet and he looked bedraggled.  I could see how dispirited he was from the way he way he walked and gazed about him in a desultory fashion. He had obviously been a handsome individual , but he looked rather as if  he had hit rock bottom.

As you both know I am a pushover and so I found some food. Of course, he didn’t thank me but he looked a bit happier.

Of course, being smart, he realised that if there was free food around he should try his luck again. He continued to appear at work, looking hungry and bedraggled and I continued to feed him. Despite holidays and weekends, from Monday to friday, he would hang around waiting for food. I never allowed him to come in but I was prepared to buy some food. I am such a sucker and he soon became bolder approaching the door and sitting just outside. Over the course of the last few months, he has definitely put on weight and is looking very attractive. Other people began to notice his presence and would comment on how he seemed to be hanging around the place all the time. Some people thought he was a distraction. When I came to work people would update me on Phil’s antics or on how noisy he had been. Some individuals seemed to particularly delight in telling me how long he had waited for his breakfast making me feel both guilty and rather embarrassed.

Anyway, as Phil became more used to us he approached us more closely. when I opened the door he didn’t look so terrified and instead of running away he just stayed out of reach.  People would come to the room just to see Phil sitting just outside the fire door. He started to alert me to his presence by occasionally tapping on the fire door so that I would know he was waiting. I still only fed him either early morning or late afternoon.

Now, however, he has come to believe that I am just present in order to supply his desire for constant food and I am sure he tells his friends that he has me tamed and ready to feed him on demand. He has taken to rapping on the glass at odd times during the day demanding food and looks very put out if his demands are not met immediately.  He will condescend to take the food out of my hand now rather than insisting that I put the food down and walk away. He is still a bit aggressive as he snatches the food but I expect he cannot help that.

 He is certainly looking far better much brighter and confident. Last week he brought his girlfriend Penelope to visit.  He is about twice the size of Penelope so I think I have been definitely been overfeeding him. She is still rather shy and diffident and is much harder to observe. It can only be a matter of time before lots of little Phils and Penelopes arrive and I will have a whole flock of pheasants. I wonder whether Phil and Penelope will bring them to visit me.


 With love  from your rather gullible mother


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I am about to enter a new phase of my life. My career is potentially coming to an end, my children are grown up and I need to decide what to do with the rest of my life. I am married and live in a small house on the outskirts of Nottingham in the UK. I want to find out if I can live more sustainably and opt out of the 'rat race' at least for a while. I want to use these changes to my life as opportunities to do something different, to learn new skills and develop. I also want to be happy. I am convinced that owning more stuff is not going to make me happier and I want to find out how to be happier. My lifestyle at the moment is very desk orientated and this is not healthy so I want to be healthier.

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